As I have recently been pretty ill –my stomach acid is trying to eat my insides, casual- my bestie and I have found that a simple phrase in French can answer any question or proposition you may encounter; Je suis malade –I am sick- This sentence can work for many questions such as, “Wanna come to this party that a friend of a friend is throwing tonight?” –je suis malade-

In addition you can use multiple tenses of this phrase such as, “J’étais malade” –I was sick- which can be used in questions like ,“Why weren’t you in class last Friday evening?” -J’étais malade- Or for those of you who live in the real world, “Why did you leave work immediately after lunch?” –J’étais malade-

But the best use of this phrase by far is in the future tense, “Je serai malade” –I will be sick- “I know this guy who I think would be perfect for you. I told him all about you and he is super interested. You should totally go out with him this weekend, maybe it will turn into something, who knows.” –Je serai malade-

And if you feel like being a bit more polite you can add, “Je suis desolé” –I’m sorry- to the front of this magical phrase –but lets be honest, you’re not sorry-

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